For over a year, our church leaders have been engaged in a deep conversation about our future. There is a strong sense that the condition of our building does not reflect the vitality of our biblical message and our array of impactful ministries. 

With the help of the dedicated volunteers of the Refresh Team, we analyzed where the condition of our facility is a barrier to welcoming people to UPPC and is limiting our ministries. A number of projects were identified - ranging from updating our failing HVAC system to remodeling our thriving Sunset Christian Preschool and UPPC Kids spaces to revamping how people enter and move through our building. 

Last fall we conducted a feasibility study. The purpose of the study was to test the congregation’s enthusiasm for these projects and their thoughts about the potential of a campaign. Thirty-nine congregation members were interviewed, many of whom are current or former leaders at UPPC. In addition, another 211 people completed an online survey.  

Here are some of the results and comments from this feasibility study:

  • 91% said UPPC is on track with this capital/financial development plan. The other 9% indicated they needed
    more information.
  • 100% felt it was the appropriate time to begin a campaign.
  • “UPPC is well-known for its focus on youth, especially the preschool.”
  • “Safety, accessibility and financial prudence need to be our guide, not ‘flash.’”
  • “UPPC isn’t ‘like’ our home - it IS our home. We raised our family here.”

In October, Session committed to moving forward with a campaign to address these key projects. Two important UPPC teams have been in motion since then:

  1. The Refresh Team is continuing to oversee the campaign, firming up all of the plans, verifying the scope and cost estimates of the projects.
  2. A Campaign Leadership Cabinet has been formed to assist in raising resources to fund these projects. Currently, this team is in the midst of the Advance Commitment Phase: engaging in conversations with those who have the ability to make significant gifts early in the campaign to enable some of the more urgent projects to begin sooner.

While all of this may seem slow, we are being intentionally deliberate. We are committed to being good stewards of our resources. Due diligence and patience now will ensure that we make the best decisions for our congregation and prepare UPPC to thrive for generations to come. 

What’s next? In May, we look forward to sharing the final plans with you and to invite you to support this effort yourself. You will have many opportunities to learn more, ask questions and imagine how our ministries and communities could be transformed. In the meantime, please continue to invite people to be part of the UPPC family and share the love of Jesus with each other and with the community.