• UPPC Kids & SCP

    UPPC Kids & SCP

    Our ministries for young children are vibrant and fun, but our spaces don’t reflect that.
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  • Gathering Place

    Gathering Place

    Our church is bustling all week long. That exuberant use has taken its toll on carpets, bathrooms, walls and more.
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  • Common Spaces

    Common Spaces

    Our thirty-year-old worship and common spaces are showing wear and tear.
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    First Impressions

    When someone visits UPPC for the first time, whether on Sunday morning or for a special event, they are forming impressions.
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Check back here weekly to see how construction will impact your visit to our campus!

Everything remains the same as last Sunday. A new ceiling is being installed in the Upper Lobby, along with stacked stone at the Sanctuary entrance. Flooring is going down in the new cafe and in the hallway to the bathrooms. 

Here's what you can expect if you visit campus mid-week:

  • The lower doors by Fellowship Hall will be closed during the day until 2:30PM periodically between now and Nov. 18.
  • The hallway from the lower door to the elevator and youth room will be closed until 2:30PM periodically between now and Nov. 18.
  • Meetings in the Youth Room area can be accessed through the outside Youth Room door on the north side of the building when the lower doors are closed
  • The hallway between the Main Office and the Chapel is periodically closed
  • Due to construction both upstairs and downstairs, elevator access may be closed (On Sundays it will be accessible, but look like a construction zone!)

If you have a morning or mid-day meeting, check with your host on how best to access the location.

Here's what you can expect Sunday October 21:

  • Outside the Sanctuary has no carpet, and the doors to the Sanctuary are gone.
  • The elevator is accessible and running
  • The lower entrance by Fellowship Hall is accessible, as is the hallway to the elevator, Youth Room and Children’s spaces.
  • All other hallways remain accessible as in previous weeks

ELEVATOR: You can still access the elevator through the lower entry. However, this is the only way to get upstairs from the first floor, and we expect it will take a while to process everyone using the elevator before and after services. Please plan to arrive early if you need to use the elevator to accommodate the extra traffic. If you’re able, we request you walk around the exterior of the building to use the 27th Street entry.

NURSERY: The new nursery is located on the second floor, at the end of the hall by the main office.

RESTROOMS: The main restrooms near the office are open. The Mother's Lounge in the Women's Restroom is not yet available.


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