At UPPC, we strive to be the love of Jesus locally, intentionally spontaneously and tangibly. This calling has never been more important. 

Our church has been a tangible and growing presence in our community for nearly 90 years. We are blessed with facilities which provide for numerous UPPC ministries and in addition host scores of meetings and events for our mission partners, other community non-profits and schools.

Simply put, our building is not for us alone – it is a place of ministry, a vital connection to our community and a mission field. And at the same time, our facility needs updates and new energy. Our facilities are tired and need to be refreshed. 

With this objective in mind, the Refresh Team began to meet over two years ago. What started as a simple endeavor – updating carpets, bathrooms and adding air conditioning – has become a bigger, broader vision for the future of UPPC and the importance of our influence in God’s work here and throughout the world.

This campaign in support of this bigger vision is called Opening Doors. We are highlighted this vision and campaign during May and June of 2017. 

As a part of the UPPC family, we hope you will take the time to learn about the Opening Doors Campaign. This website is a great starting point; there are numerous other opportunities for you to take a tour, meet with someone from the leadership team and ask questions.

Then we hope you will take the time to prayerfully consider how you might financially join with us in Opening Doors at UPPC for years to come. At a time when the church is often no longer at the center of things, it is imperative that UPPC continue to thrive serving our Lord at the center of our community. 


Opening Doors Updates

Congregational Email | July 22, 2017