Gathering Place

UPPC 2017 May 04 3D Foyer Social View 1

Updating and Expanding Gathering Spaces

Why? Between services on Sunday mornings, fellowship can feel downright crowded. Meeting new people and conversation with friends can be a challenge. Our lobby layout impedes traffic flow between services, especially for new people.

  • Open up the lobby floorplan, creating a more welcoming space for fellowship, small group and social interactions. We will remove the smaller meeting rooms between the offices and the gymnasium, creating a large open space for gathering and conversation.
  • Seating areas will allow for small group interactions on Sunday and throughout the week, while a coffee area will encourage people to linger and connect. UPPC 2017 May 04 3D Foyer Social Hall View 2
  • As families come to UPPC throughout the week for Bible studies, education ministries and more, there will be comfortable spaces for waiting and conversation.