Common Spaces


Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were updated as part of Phase 1 in 2017!

Why? Our thirty-year-old worship and fellowship space showed wear and tear. By making some simple updates to this space, it represents the same values of welcome as the rest of our remodeled facility.
• Updated carpet and paint in both the sanctuary and fellowship hall
• Replaced pew cushions
• Installed new heating and cooling units in both rooms


Heating and Cooling as well as the rejuvenation of our common spaces is part of Phase 2, and on track to be completed in 2018.

Update Heating and Cooling

Why? Nearly all of our 18 furnaces are in danger of breaking down and parts are no longer available. Each year it costs the congregation more than $28,000 just to keep the furnaces up and running. Improving HVAC efficiency will save $30,000 annually in energy costs above that. Plus, it’s hard to offer a warm welcome when the furnace is out.
• Update heating and cooling throughout the building
• Allows us to bring summer worship back into the sanctuary
• Saves money in both ongoing repairs and energy costs

Rejuvenate Common Spaces

Why? Our church is bustling all week long. That exuberant use has taken its toll on carpets, bathrooms, walls and more. 
• Carpeting will be replaced or repaired throughout the entire facility.
• Bathrooms will be updated to be more welcoming and safer for those with limited mobility.
• Walls and railing will be repaired and repainted.