FAQs About Right Now Media 

Will they try and sell me anything?  
No. They don’t have individual subscriptions, so there’s no need for them to try and sell you anything.

Do they give my email address to other vendors?

This is a UPPC subscription, so will UPPC manage my personal account?
No, your account will be within UPPC’s subscription, but it’s 100% your account, which you can manage as you like.  

Does UPPC endorse all the content on RightNow Media?  
RightNow Media offers around 20,000 resources from over 250 publishers. So UPPC can’t explicitly approve or disapprove of anything you might see. But we do hope that whatever you encounter engenders life-giving conversation amongst our sisters and brothers in Christ.  

What if I need technical help? 
We’d love to help! Just get in touch with Pastor Mike and we’ll make sure you get the help you need.