There are two scholarships awarded yearly to recognize current Music & Arts Institute students who show outstanding dedication to their musical studies. Candidates are nominated by their teachers and then participate in a competition in the spring where two winners are chosen. The first place winner receives a scholarship covering 50% of tuition for the upcoming year and the second place winner receives a scholarship covering 25% of tuition for the year. 

The 2018 Scholarship Competition will be on Friday, June 8. All current MAI students are eligible but need to be recommended by their teacher.

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2017 Winners

Christian Leetch

Christian Leetch is 10 years old and is homeschooled in a military family. He has been playing the cello for almost 3 years and studies with Lisa Todd. He began playing in North Carolina at a church orchestra academy. After moving to Kansas, he continued with another cello teacher and also played with the Kansas City Cello Ensemble. He now lives in Dupont while his dad is stationed at JBLM. Christian also enjoys hiking, biking and playing with his siblings.



Henry Flynn Simon

Henry Flynn-Simon plays two instruments: he has played the guitar now for 3 years, and is an 8th grader at Mason Middle School where he plays cello in the school orchestra. He hopes to share his skills in both instruments with others. Henry would like to thank Jeffery Steele for being a great teacher and nominating him for the scholarship.