Divorce happens for a variety of reasons. When it does, two questions always seem to rise to the surface, “How deeply has this affected me?” and “How will I ever recover from it?” Both questions are critically important to answer, because answering both will bring the kind of growth and insight that is so crucial to growing through the experience of divorce. It takes great courage and humility to confront those two questions. Imagine never asking or answering them at all! Many people who go through divorce never will, and as a result, they easily fall into another relationship that is early-on postured to fail. Because their own hearts, experiences, and expectations remain unexamined, they remain blinded by their own pain, fears, and lack of trust.

The Divorce Recovery experience at UPPC, while it is about many things, is about reflecting upon and responding to those very important questions. It is a safe place to unpack thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s a place to gain healthy insight and courage to begin to move ahead. While it is difficult to risk when your life and world has been cast into turmoil and chaos, this is one risk—one opportunity—that will be the beginning of a new way of living and hoping!

OUR NEXT SESSION WILL BE THIS FALL: Thursday October 5-November 16 from 6:15-9PM.


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Cost is $50. Fee includes dinner and the book Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke. If you'd like to register at the door, the cost is $60.

If you would like more information please contact Jill McMullen, Care Minister, at (253) 564-2522 ext. 139, or send her an email at jmcmullen@uppc.org.

“We are not yet what we shall be but we are growing toward it.” –Martin Luther