Mission at UPPC

Mission at UPPC is defined as the movement of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sending God’s people (the Church) into the world to declare the gospel in life, word and deeds.  Our service serves as an example of God’s activity in the world, as we strive to be the love of Jesus locally, intentionally, spontaneously and tangibly. 

As a community we seek to be the love of Jesus both locally and around the world. Here are some of the areas we work in to fulfill this mission:

  • Disenfranchised people
  • Education
  • Health
  • Vocation/training

With the desire to be the love of Jesus on a global level, here are the countries and regions in which we currently spread the love of Jesus:

  • Kenya
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • China
  • South Sudan
  • Middle East

Contact Lisa Woicik to see how you can partner with UPPC to be the love of Jesus, lwoicik@uppc.org or 253.564.2522 ext. 125.


Check out the latest news about our mission partners by reading our Mission Matters Newsletter.

UPPC Safe Haven House

UPPC hosts a refugee family in the Safe Haven House as a way to love our neighbors around the world. Our first family arrived June 2016. From sponsorships to subsidize rent and utilities, donations to furnish the house, and working directly with the family, it takes our whole congregation to assist the refugee family in becoming self-sufficient over the course of twelve months. If you're interested in learning how you can support the Safe Haven House, contact Lisa Woicik at lwoicik@uppc.org.

Want to learn more about refugees resettling in the U.S.? Check out these resources:

Refugee FAQs

Refugee Screening Process

More information about World Relief and the U.S. refugee resettlement process

CHERISH MINISTRY (MERU, KENYA) In partnership with Hope International Ministry Trust | Cherish educates, equips, and empowers orphaned children in Meru, Kenya.

BLOG: uppc-kenya.blogspot.com

How to Serve: Provide child sponsorship, administrative support, join the team.
Contact: Karen Lau | 253.564.4690 | karenllau@hotmail.com

Your sponsored child: MAKE A CONTRIBUTION

If you feel the call to serve God's children by sponsoring a child, please take a look at our SPONSOR WAITING LIST for information and our current list of waiting children. Contact Karen Lau to start sponsoring today! We wire funds in November, March and June.  It would be a blessing to be able to cover more of these children.